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ONTD Fassbender

Panties were never an option

Panties were never an option
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Welcome to ONTD Fassbender
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This is a Michael Fassbender community. We are merely here to worship, admire, lust and stan over this wonderful actor and man. Anyone who isn't a fan of Fassy need not apply. Also, please be respectful to fellow your members; we're here to have fun and fangirl/fanboy, so any type of hate or flaming will get you kicked out. Simple.

POSTING First off check to see if what you’re posting hasn’t been posted already (if it's an article or interview, ect). Being that this is a Michael Fassbender community, please make all posts somewhat related to Fassy (different characters, movie roles and all that are welcome) and/or a post for everyone to participate in. Videos, articles, pictures, news, etc. are of course welcome. Please put a source in your entry (when applicable) and tag it. Also please do not hotlink, it's not cool.

PARTY POSTS! Of course party posts are welcome, but we don't want to have them show up every other entry. I'd try to limit a party post to a few times a week. If you see a party post was posted the same day then don't post a new one.

GIFS! Gifs are good, gifs are wonderful, gifs are fun! Gifs are welcome, but please try to limit them in your comments and posts so people who have slower connections won't up an die on us.

MEDIA! The more the merrier! All we ask if that your going to post shareable stuff PLEASE FRIENDS LOCK IT. If it's not locked it will get deleted or not approved.

SPOILERS Please place all spoilers for future and newly released movies under an LJ-CUT. If you think what you are posting could be a possible spoiler your safest bet is to place it underneath a cut. Larger pictures and long articles/posts should be placed beneath a cut as well.

ICONS/FANART Each week will will have an icon and fan art post for everyone and anyone to share their work or direct us to other works of awesome things.

MEMBERS Anyone is free to join the community, however it is set to adult settings, so not everyone will be able to see/post. All posts right now are moderated, so if yours doesn't get approved it could be due to several things: it doesn't fit within the community; it was already posted; there will be a weekly post for your topic; it wasn't Fassy enough for the community. If your post was rejected and are really puzzled as to why you are welcome to bug a mod about it.

PROMOTION If you want to promote stuff within the community it must be related to Michael, but it would be nice if you could ask a mod first. If we don't feel like it should posted please don't be too bent out about it. The last thing we need is a bunch of community promotions for... other things.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST Have fun! Let loose and don't be afraid to post here. You can post pictures (pictures, yes precioussssss), articles and interviews; how awesome his ass looks in tight pants; how creepy yet frustratingly sexy he was in Fish Tank; his sweat pants in X-Men: First Class; how much he and James McAvoy need to release a sex tape already; how you're suffering waiting for his next movie and all that great stuff.

YOUR MODS: leggyslove, drencrome, greatbriton, hypermuseic9, lopop7 & nschlongbottom

OUR AWESOME AFFILIATES: fassbenderdaily, mcfassy

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